Wire Rope
Mega Sling And Services Company offers the most, if not the most, well-stocked wire ropes sling with very comprehensive range and sizes that enables us to meet most requirements for the market desire. Our wire rope slings' sizes are ranges from 6mm to 52mm.

Basic Components of Wire Rope
Every wire rope has three basic components: the wires, strands and core. The basic unit of wire rope is the wire. Our wire ropes are made of steel wires, which finish with Galvanized and Ungalvanized surface. The main core of our wire rope is an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC), which around by the strands and normally having the construction of 7 x 7 wires. The strand construction is the number and arrangement of wires in each strand.

Wire Rope Classification
The wire ropes are identified by classifications based on the number of strands and nominal number of wires in each strand. The most common classifications of wire ropes that we offers are: 6x 19, 6x36 and 19x7.

6 x 19 class provide an excellent balance between fatigue and wear resistance.
6 x 36 class is primarily designed to be the most important for the fatigue resistance.
19 x 7 class is a special class of rope designed to resist the tendency to spin or rotate under load.
    6x19 IWRC Wire Rope           6x36 IWRC Wire Rope             19x7 Non-Rotating            

How to Measure Wire Rope Size
The size of a wire rope is the diameter of the circle which encloses all of the wires. When measuring wire rope it is important to take the greatest distance of the outer limits of the 'Crowns' of two opposite strands. A measurement across the valleys will result in incorrect lower readings.

Type of Sling's End Termination
There are a few methods of terminating ends of wire ropes which includes Socket fitting, Mechanical Splicing, and etc. However the most common type of end termination would be mechanical splicing with ferrule. For Details of our splicing Machine, Brand Talurit, please refer to Facilities at our website for more details. At the same time, we have trained personnel, who are able to install sockets, hand splicing upon client's request.

Wire Rope Slings
We also specialize in manufacturing two legged wire rope slings, three legged wire rope slings, four legged wire rope slings and others type of legged wire rope slings as per customer requested. All of our wire rope slings are fabricated to European Standard of EN 13414-1:2003, which approved by CEN and compliance with a British Standard. The legged wire rope slings are made of tested quality wire ropes as per standards specifications with different end fittings attachments for various lifting purpose. We are capable to make these slings as per customer's specific requirements of lifting.

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